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Paid Help (Monthly)

Thanks for visiting our Paid Help area if you are lost as a of new people to the website thing? I can help you for $49.99 a Month I'm yours! If you mess up your design over and over I'll fix it over and over with no problem.

Why do I offer a Paid Help for your website? Because you may need someone to be there for you and show you things you cannot find easily or just have questions about html tags or even need to know how to create a image link and url or whatever.

I only can do this with HTML I must be very clear on this I don't write or program I am a web host and do some web design and can install most scripts but I cannot write them.

If you get an error in a script that I cannot fix I will direct you to someone else (if I can find someone to help). This Paid Help is strictly for HTML, Some folks message me daily to get help and they are part of my Paid Help Clients because there needs are too demanding to do things for free when they are so Frequent and I spend my time everyday in their FTP Editing.

This is why I decided to offer this option for some of you!

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